Frequently Asked Questions

The Custom Overrides help says data paths need to be relative to bpy.context.scene. What does that mean?

Check the section about custom overrides above and the Blender documentation about data paths.

The post/pre actions help says I should use absolute paths. What are absolute paths?

Absolute paths are file paths starting from the root of the filesystem. From "C:\" in Windows, or "/" in OS X/Linux. For instance: "/home/user/documents/render/image.png"

What does “overrides” mean (for batch renders)?

Overrides are properties (like render dimensions, or the scene) that can be modified in a render job.

Some of my render jobs fail with a “Permission Denied” error. What’s the issue?

Check the output path for your render jobs. Make sure you have write permissions on that folder.

My renders are coming out blank/wrong in batch!

Do you have more than one render layer? In that case you need to select a specific render layer in the batch panel. Otherwise the last layer to get rendered will overwrite the rest.

When I select a format override in batch I get a message about that format not being available in my system.

This happens when you select a format that may or may not be compiled into Blender. Render+ can’t determine which formats were included in your Blender version (API limitation). Available formats can vary between Operating Systems and versions of Blender (official, custom, branch from GraphicAll, etc).

If you’re unsure about a format being available, try a small render using the size override to check it out.

Is there any way to change the path of an output node for each job?

This question applies to having a File Output node in your compositor nodes. You can change the path set for it for each individual render job by setting it in Custom Overrides. Jump to the Custom Overrides tab and add a new override. Use the following data path: node_tree.nodes[NODE_NAME].base_path. Replace NODE_NAME with the name of the node you want to modify. Set the “Data” field to the path you want for that job.