• new Terrains can now have a default material. The material can include procedural textures or empty image nodes.
  • new Rocks now have a default material. This includes a material for high poly and another for low poly rocks.
  • changed Terrain/Rock features are now called modifiers to be more in line with Blender’s lingo
  • new The “island” setting has been moved to a modifier of its own
  • improved The island modifier now includes a default material with customizable water color
  • improved The island modifier now has an option to include (and generate) foam in the material
  • improved The island modifier now has an option to control the turbulence of the water
  • changed Terrain generation no longer happens in a separate thread.
  • improved Terrains only generate vertex groups for plateau and below sea if they are actually needed.
  • improved Vertex color groups are now optional and no longer generated by default
  • improved Much faster terrain generation
  • improved The smooth edge option has been merged into the slopes modifier
  • changed The slopes modifier has been renamed Smooth Falloff
  • improved The straight edges modifier has been moved to its own modifier called Diorama
  • improved Diorama cube is now a separate object parented to the terrain
  • improved Diorama cube is UV unwrapped by default
  • improved Diorama cube can have a default material with either procedural textures or empty image nodes
  • improved Diorama cube height can now be customized


  • fixed Bug where presets failed to apply


  • new Invert terrain feature
  • new Blocks feature. Generates a voxel-like effect in the terrain
  • new Fluvial erosion feature. Simulates the effects of erosion caused by rain.
  • improved Faster vertex group generation
  • improved Better value range for alpine. Results are more even and well-distributed.
  • fixed Bug when overwriting presets
  • fixed Bug in the heightmap selector
  • fixed Bug where terrain/rock features were sometimes not loaded
  • improved Code cleanup and PEP8 fixes


  • fixed Bug when using smooth edges (terrain generation failed)


  • new New object distribution system using layers
  • improved object distribution layers are saved in terrains now
  • improved Better UI for relative scale (formerly autoscale)
  • improved Distribution panel only visible when there’s an object selected
  • new “Optimize for camera” setting for object layers.
  • new Types of layers: Trees, Rock, Grass and Props
  • new Minimum height setting
  • new Minimum slope setting
  • new Area coordinates setting (X, Y, Width, Height)
  • new Feather setting. Makes the distribution’s borders softer
  • new Random setting. Randomly add/remove density of distribution
  • new Rotation setting
  • new Random Rotation. Add some randomness to rotation
  • new Seed setting to control randomness settings
  • new Slant setting for trees
  • new Cluster setting for trees/grass. Improves realism by grouping trees in the specified number of clusters. The intensity of this setting can be tweaked too.
  • new Clump at the bottom setting for rocks. Groups rocks at the bottom of the terrain to simulate rocks rolling down.
  • new Object layers can be disabled to avoid adding them
  • new Object layers can be cloned
  • new Object layers list can be cleared. Optionally only particle systems can be removed.
  • new Object layers can be exported to CSV, Python Lists or Splat maps
  • improved Particle systems are deleted when object layers are deleted
  • improved Better UI for vertex group generation in tools panel
  • new Presets can now be imported from zip files
  • new Add support for STRM (.hgt) and Gridded ASCII (.asc) files for heightmap based terrains
  • new Exported terrains can be split in several smaller images
  • fix Typo bug when making generated terrains with the island setting
  • fix Don’t try to reload custom icons when reloading the addon
  • fix Don’t re-register terrain features when reloading the addon
  • fix Prevent unnecessary recursion on custom detail amount for terrains
  • fix Show a nice error mesage when trying to apply object distribution on a terrain that no longer exists
  • improved Mirage now only prints messages to the console when it’s finished making terrains or in case of errors
  • improved massive refactoring throughout the code. Much more maintainable now
  • improved Code now follows PEP8 more strictly
  • new Terrains can now be generated directly as heightmaps
  • new Generated heightmaps can be automatically split into smaller images
  • new Rock generation
  • new Rocks are UV unwrapped by default
  • new Multiple rocks can be generated at once
  • new Rocks can be automatically added to an object distribution layer
  • new Rocks can be baked from a high poly model into low poly automatically
  • new Baked rocks can be automatically triangulated
  • new Mirage can setup the rock bake, but don’t actually bake. That way the rocks can be tweaked before baking.
  • new Low poly rocks are automatically stylized when the polycount is lower than 100
  • new High poly rocks can optionally feature cracks and crystals on top
  • new Button to access documentation on addon preferences


  • improved Improves calculation of performance for trees
  • new User preference to control the threshold at which tree display is changed


  • Fix Fix a Bug in addon registration, where it refused to enable for some people.
  • Fix Fix a in terrain generation, where some people were unable to generate terrains (the “tuple” error).



  • new Presets system. Applies only to procedural terrains at the moment.
  • new Presets can be imported/exported
  • new 10 default presets included

Procedural Terrains

  • new New Terrain algorithm based on Frequency Synthesis. Much more realistic, and slightly faster.

  • new Terrain generation doesn’t block the Blender ui anymore, and shows progress in two steps. (Mac and Linux only)

  • new Terrain generation can be canceled (before it’s linked to the scene)

  • new Terrain Features tab. This is where optional terrain effects will live in the ui.

  • new Slopes Effect

    • Can control intensity for X/Y axis
    • Can set a minimum height for X/Y axis
    • Slope direction can be inverted
  • removed Initial heights was removed and replaced with the slopes effect.

  • new Thermal Erosion

    • Repose angle (talus) can be modified between common ground values (30-45)
    • Strength of the effect can be controlled
  • new Stratified effect (strata).

    • Can happen at different frequencies
    • Strength of the effect can be controlled
    • Slope can be inverted (going inwards)
  • changed Terrain detail now uses a dropdown selector with three levels (normal, medium and high) and a custom option.

  • new Custom detail. Terrains can now have specific number of segments.

    • Lets the user fine-tune the amount of vertices in the final mesh
    • Custom Base Grid setting lets the user increase the amount of fine detail in the terrain
  • new Plateau setting. Flattens terrain at a specific height.

  • changed Terrain is always generated at 0,0 coordinates and is scaled vertically between 0 and max height.

  • changed Terrain remains at 0,0 coordinates even if sea level is higher than zero

  • new Alpine setting. Increases difference between valleys and peaks

  • new Deformation setting. Makes the terrain more “twisty” and adds more ridges

  • changed Seed values are now positive integers going up to 2,000,000,000

  • new Smoothed to plane edges now have a “smoothing factor” that determines how much the terrain is smoothed (works in island too)

Terrains from Heightmaps

  • new Add preview selector for previous heightmaps
  • fix Make the file browser show only images when selecting heightmap
  • changed Move terrain from heightmaps to it’s own panel

General UI

  • changed Group buttons and inputs in the ui
  • changed Use real world measure units whenever possible in the ui
  • changed Use 0-10 and 0-5 integer ranges in the ui whenever possible (easier to tweak)
  • new Set a custom tab for Mirage’s panels in Addon Preferences

Tree Distribution

  • fix Disable “Add trees” if no group selected
  • fix Check if the selected tree group is not empty
  • fix Use trees rotated on the side to take advantage of Blender’s random rotation
  • fix Make sure tree mesh dimensions are never 0 when calculating auto-scale (so billboards can be used)


  • new Export vertex Groups to image
  • new Export terrain to data
    • Export as 1D/2D list
    • Export as Python/CSV
  • new Export to heightmap is now separated into a button
    • Can export heightmaps from any plane-like mesh
  • changed Heightmaps are now exported in Linear colorspace


  • Initial Release
  • Terrain Generation using Diamond-Square
  • Terrain Generation using Heightmap image
  • Tree Distribution
  • Tools for vertex groups