When you enable Mirage you will notice a new box below it with the addon preferences. These options will allow you to customize Mirage to your liking. At the moment, there’s only one setting.

Panel’s Tab

By default all of Mirage’s panels go in the “Mirage” tab in 3D view. You can type a different name here to change the name of that tab. You can also type the name of a tab that already exists (like “Create”) to put Mirage’s panels into it. This allows you to group Mirage with other addons or panels, and lower the amount of tabs.

Performance Threshold

This applies only to tree distribution. Mirage automatically estimates how many vertices trees are going to have in total. If they are higher than a certain limit, the particle display is set to “Cross” to prevent slowing down the viewport. This setting controls at how many vertices Mirage will change the display.